Stubbs Elementary School
Wilmington, Delaware

In November of 2018, we initiated a creative writing residency at The Frederick Douglass Stubbs Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware. This residency is being sponsored by Children and Families First - Delaware (CFF-DE) and the final project with by an anthology of poetry from 2 groups of 5th grade boys and girls.  This residency will be running through May of 2019.
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Final Project coming soon - a link to their anthology of poetry

On the final day of our creative writing class, the students wanted me to bring in the recording equipment so they can get into a booth. The recording equipment is usually only used for the Audio Recording workshops, but we made an exception this day. Below is one of the recordings from a 5th grade, Kavon. This was totally improvised/free-styled and really shows off his amazing talent.