Metropolitan Detention Center - Brooklyn

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 “My favorite part of the class was the sharing of each others' poems. We would share what we learned. It surprised me to see how talented some of us are. This is a good program and should continue to help bring culture into the community.”
By Sharon Kwaak

“I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow. This experience has taught me a lot about many types of poetry as well as many styles of different writers. I love any opportunity to learn and our teacher has been especially kind and interesting.”
By Jennie LeMay

“The Lyric Lab, I really enjoyed coming even though the class was once a week and I would of preferred the class more than once a week. The fact that there were no limitations or rules put on our thoughts and ideas when it came to writing and our poetry was a huge plus. We learned all different kinds of poetry. We were allowed to express any thoughts or feelings we might have had that day through our poetry. The program should continue and thrive because it gives all types of people, all different ages and races the chance to dig into their creative side. My favorite part was the teacher and how he was understanding, very poetic and he had an open mind when teaching us all about different kinds of poets, and styles of poetry from the past, present and future.”
By Durann Rollins


After 10 sessions and over 3 months of classes at MDC Brooklyn with the womens' facilities, this anthology of participants writing was our culminating project. ​
Released: September 1st 2017

"Thoughts and Ideas to Free our Minds from the Inside"
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