In the beginning of January 2018, we took the Lyric Lab on the road to Wilmington Delaware where we interacted with some amazing youth at the Latin American Community Center. Check out those recordings here. This is a sample that will hopefully lead to greater interaction with the youth there. 

Link to work at the LACC 
in Wilmington, Delaware

Check out the Audio Compilation and Videos from the latest Staten Island Urban Center Audio Recording Residency with Elementary through High School students. (Nov 2017)

Link to the latest Residency at the Staten Island Urban Center

Read our 1st completed anthology from
participating women at a Federal Prison in Sunsnet, the Metropolitan Detention Center - Brooklyn

Link to the anthology

On August 24th 2017, we had our first official function, the "End of Summer Showcase 2017," at the Hunter East Harlem Gallery in Harlem.

Hunter East Harlem Gallery


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Video: Highlights from the Showcase

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