What are our fees?

These are our general fees. We understand that some organizations will not have the funds to meet in full our suggested residency or workshop prices.  Our expectations are for host sites to pay what they can, this will be at a reduced rate determined on a case by case basis.  In addition to our individual fundraising efforts to help supplement some of these costs,  we will also from time to time work in collaboration with sponsoring organizations  to apply for small grants.
Writing Workshop Series (Residency) - (2 hrs) : $2,000     
10 classes

Audio Recording Workshop Series (Residency) - (3 hrs) : $3,325 
10 classes

Introductory Mini-Residencies
(Workshops being offered for 1st time schools and organizations)

     Writing Mini Residency  - (1 hr) : $1,000 introductory price
        7 classes
        - an additional $150 with the printing of anthology (or it can just be an online version with            no additional costs)

     Audio Recording Mini Residency - (1 1/2 hrs) : $1,500 introductory price
        7 classes
        - an additional $200 with the printing of the CD (or it can just be an online version with no            additional costs)

One-time Audio Recording Workshop - (3 hrs) : $500

Staff Development Workshop - (2 hrs) : $1,000  

Additional information:
Our Writing and Recording Workshop Series/Residencies can be over 10 days.

For our Writing Residencies - a physical anthology will be printed for each student. 
A residency celebration and t-shirts will also be provided. 

For our Audio Recording Residencies, a class online audio compilation (or possible CD) will be developed.  Additionally, ​a physical ​anthology​ ​could​ ​be printed​ ​as​ well. ​ ​
A​ ​residency celebration ​​and t-shirts​ will also​ be​ ​provided.

For the Introductory Mini-Residencies:
Writing Workshops: an online or physical short anthology/chapbook of participants' writings        for participants to enjoy.

Audio Recording Workshops: an online and/or physical audio compilation for each participant to enjoy.        

The Lyric Lab, Inc is a 501C3 and has a Vendor# with the NYC D.O.E.